Yarbrough Law Group has distinguished itself by peers and our clients as the “Go To Firm” who can achieve a successful resolution. As a full service law firm, our practice focuses on corporate, civil, administrative, and criminal litigation, as well as regulatory and technology counseling, concentrating in four major areas:  Cyber Law, Litigation, Intellectual Property Litigation, and White Collar, Internal Investigations and Government Enforcement Actions.


Cybercrime crimes are being launched from every corner of the globe. Corporate networks and their servers are under attack. Data breaches results in the theft of proprietary information, fraud, and misappropriation of corporate IP and funds. Digital sabotage is a real and growing concern for virtually every company in the world. How We Can Help:
Knowing what your most valuable information assets are is the first step in developing a comprehensive solution to asset protection. Without this knowledge, most companies end up spending too much in the wrong places. How We Can Help:
Our team of seasoned litigators and investigators has years of experience in supporting clients in large-scale commercial litigation, governmental and internal investigations, and data privacy breaches. We don’t just help you mitigate risk; we defend you when trouble ensues. How We Can Help:
Our litigation practice has extensive experience handling complex litigation matters at all levels. The firm and its attorneys have earned national recognition and respect for their proven expertise in and out of the courtroom, zealous client representation, and the highest standards of professionalism and ethical conduct. How We Can Help:

“I always call it finding ‘the guy.’ No matter what kind of problem you have, whether it’s legal, medical, whatever, you know that somewhere around town there is ‘the guy’ – the guy who is the right person for the right job. And when Matt Yarbrough and his team began working with us, I knew we had found ‘the guy.’”
Mike Petty, 7-Eleven


Our unique “seal team” works with leading companies and firms around the world to give our clients the highest quality representation and counseling possible.