Commercial / Business Litigation

Our litigation practice has extensive experience handling complex litigation matters at all levels. We have represented both plaintiffs and defendants and are committed to helping our clients achieve the outcome they desire. Yarbrough Cyber Law President and Founder Matthew E. Yarbrough, who served as an Assistant U.S. Attorney, has extensive experience representing the United States in criminal and civil matters, and he now brings that vast experience to bear in dealing with complex litigation matters. That experience includes successfully defending clients in Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) investigations, managing a defense team in derivative class action securities cases, and more.

At every step of the process we keep our clients fully apprised of developments related to their cases so we can make the best decisions together as a case evolves.

Represented largest convenience store chain, in which client discovered $4.9 million was overpaid to a franchisees over the course of 14 months and feared monies and defendants fled the US. Client requested YLG recover the monies (including taken over as “lead counsel” from an AM Law 100 firm mid-case), locate and confront franchisees, file a civil suit, and peruse criminal charges. YLG quickly developed a three-prong strategy and deployed an integrated financial fraud, legal, and physical investigation team. YLG located thieves, tracked down and froze assets, interviewed witnesses, and provided support for criminal, civil, and insurance matters. YLG strategy resulted in recovery of stolen monies, civil judgment, and the bad guys sentenced to 10 years in prison.
Represented and defended the CEO of clean coal technology and specialty chemicals company against the Department of Justice (DOJ) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Case led by the United States Attorney’s Office for the EDTX relating to the purported theft of trade secrets from a competitor. YLG representation of key witness CEO resulted in victory of no charges and case being dismissed.
Defended and Represented senior executive of Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company in False Claims Act (FCA) case against the United States in civil and criminal actions. Case resulted in no criminal charges and “no-fault agreement” releasing client.
Defended and Represented senior executive of large defense contractor in FCA case against the United States in civil and criminal actions. Case resulted in no criminal charges and “no-fault agreement” releasing client.
Representation and defense of largest retail company in the United States. Representation included preparation of “C-Level” and lower level employee witnesses for interviews with the government and presentation before Grand Jury. Case resulted in victory for client and YLG with no charges against client and investigation being dismissed.