Plan. Prepare. Protect.

Cyber Law

Yarbrough Cyber Law works to protect companies both before and after a data breach. As your “Data Coach”, Yarbrough Cyber Law, along with it’s partnering consulting firm Presidian Data Strategies, are able to provide sound, strategic, legal advice that will help you understand the real risks your organization faces, even as new ones emerge and old ones fade.  We will help you develop a comprehensive, coherent risk management strategy and incident response plan through privacy and security assessments, in order to minimize the risk of a data breach and to put the company in the best position to respond if a breach occurs.

YCL and PDS has advised numerous companies in response to breaches, including management consulting, gaming and financial institutions.  We have assisted these companies in determining the source and scope of the breach, assessing regulatory compliance requirements, managing notifications, and conducting after-action review.

To assist companies in assessing their preparedness, we offer Table Top exercises where our consultants lead the executive team through the real world scenarios of potential Data Breach incidents in order understand how the current Incident Response Plan can be enhanced, implemented and/or revised. A company’s ability to respond and recover quickly from an unexpected breach is directly associated with the quality of the preparations that have been completed prior to the event. Similar to fire drills and escape plans, our tabletop exercises are important for businesses to undertake so that the “kinks” in the written Response plans can be worked out before a disruption occurs.

Here are the 4 areas of Cyber Law of where and how we provide counsel and protection for your company.

  • Privacy Maturity Assessment;
  • Chief Privacy Counsel/Officer practice;
  • Data Coaching;
  • Safe Harbor Certification;
  • “Ever-Green” Privacy Compliance Program;
  • International Compliance Analysis and Certification;
  • Privacy Data Mapping;
  • PII and Sensitive Data Management;
  • Loyalty Programs;
  • Cyber Marketing and e-Commerce;
  • Search & Destroy “free-range PII” and prevention of data leakage;
  • Internet of Things
  • Data Compliance;
  • Retention Schedule;
  • Identification and Management of Breach investigations
  • Comprehensive Strategy & Management;
  • Cost Effective Policies/Process Development;
  • Technology Vendor Selection;
  • Defensible Legal Opinions;
  • Litigation Hold Plans;
  • Identify, Preserve, and Collect
  • ROI Analysis;
  • Implementation of Governance programs;
  • Coordinate Incident Response and Notification;
  • Data Migration and Classification;
  • Compliance Programs;
  • Technology Consulting;