The Proceedings from 2016 PREX, the Premier Conference for In-House E-Discovery Professionals

Despite our best efforts, sometimes preservation simply breaks down. Whether data is lost, or never preserved, there are many factors that can obstruct a well-intentioned e-discovery process. In the session “When Preservation Goes Wrong” at the PREX16, the premier conference for in-house e-discovery professionals, panelists reviewed four cases to highlight tips and tricks on preparing for and responding to common challenges.

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Trade Secret Hacking Case Results in 5 Year Prison Term

October 21st, 2013|0 Comments

Initially I thought I might make this a monthly column, but it might become bi-monthly instead, or perhaps as I accumulate enough […]

Former Federal Investigator
AJ Irwin on Fox4

AJ Irwin, former federal investigator, and partner at Yarbrough Strategic Advisors, discusses mind set of Holmes and security measures after shootings at Cinemarks screening of Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, CO. Says, “Security measures at public venues start with the public…someone knew or saw something before these events took place.”

Matthew Yarbrough: AP Twitter Hacking
Highlights Weakness in Cyber Security

In this interview on KLIF-AM, Matthew Yarbrough discusses the April 23 hacking of the Associated Press’ Twitter account, which caused a momentary $136 billion drop in the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index.

More from Matthew Yarbrough
on John Wiley Price Case on Fox4

A federal affidavit disclosed on Thursday that the FBI seized more than $460,000, along with expensive watches and other fine jewelry, as part of its corruption investigation of Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price.


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