Yarbrough Law Group has distinguished itself by peers and our clients as the “Go To Firm” who can achieve a successful resolution. As a full service law firm, our practice focuses on corporate and criminal litigation, as well as regulatory and technology counseling, concentrating in four major areas:  Cyber Law; White Collar, Internal  Investigations and Government Enforcement Actions; Commercial/Business Litigation; and Intellectual Property Litigation.


Commercial / Business Litigation

Our litigation practice has extensive experience handling complex litigation matters at all levels. We have represented both plaintiffs and defendants and are committed to helping our clients achieve the outcome they desire. YLG President and Founder Matthew E. Yarbrough, who served as an Assistant U.S. Attorney, has extensive experience representing the United States in criminal and civil matters, and he now…

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Intellectual Property

A corporation’s intellectual property—its ideas, processes, and data—are invaluable assets. Through litigation, prosecution, licensing and technology transfer, and IP counseling, YLG’s attorneys offer experience and expertise in the following IP specialties: patents, trade secret misappropriation, trademarks and copyrights (including those involving the Digital Millennium Copyright Act) …

White Collar, Internal Investigations and Government Enforcement Actions

Yarbrough Law Group understands both the governmental agencies and the interests of the corporation and its employees. Our team of licensed PI’s, former criminal defense attorneys, former Federal prosecutors, and U.S. ICE officers, have a proven ability to uncover deeply concealed evidence, delivering game-changing intelligence that solves clients’ complex business challenges and provides the insight law firms and general counsel require for winning evidence…

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Cyber Law

Personal information is an asset, which is protected and enhanced by a suite of security practices and business processes. Like other operational risks, those related to the protection of personal information benefit from the scrutiny of a formal risk management discipline.

Meet your privacy challenges head on. TRAIN YOUR STAFF. REDUCE YOUR RISK.


Our unique “SEAL TEAM” works with leading companies and firms around the world to give our clients the highest quality representation and counseling possible.